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Prevention Program

Let’s Have A Conversation

Conversations about alcohol and other drugs have historically been fear based or overly simplistic. Let’s have a different conversation centered around making healthy and life-affirming choices. Below is a list of the programs we offer, please fill out the Google form to start the conversation.

Adulting For The Recently Liberated (ARL)

Let’s have a conversation exploring our own personal values, understanding lower versus higher risk behaviors, and talk about strategies that can help us make healthy and life-affirming choices. This is a 90-minute conversation.

Tips For Good Sips (TGS) Mixology Class

Learn to make mocktails while having a conversation about college life! In this 60-minute mixology class we discuss expectations, finding our values, and strategies to align our behaviors with our values.

Building A Better Risk Management Plan

Let’s work together to throw better parties – fun, respectful, and regret free. Together we will discuss aspects of party culture that create risk and discuss strategies to reduce that risk. Bonus content includes meeting with our staff to create a written risk management plan for your organization.


Alcohol and Drug Support Services
The College of New Jersey
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2000 Pennington Rd.
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